Starting an Entry Level Job? How Payday Loans Can Help

Are you a college grad who is starting an entry level job? You’re going to be thrilled to know that payday loans can be a huge help to your financial future. Sometimes when you start out as a recent grad, your budget can feel so tight. But payday loans can offer great relief, especially to those new to the workforce.

Recent college grads are doing better than ever, in the labor market and in the economy. In May 2016, college students graduated into one of the best labor markets in years. Nearly 2 million students graduated in the U.S.A., and employers planned to hire 5% more graduates than they did in 2015. The unemployment rate for college graduates under 25 is at 2.4%. Some of the most in-demand jobs are in engineering, business, computer science, sales and accounting.

It’s great that recent grads are off to a good start because they are such hard workers. But starting out on your own – in any economy or labor market – can certainly be tough. Your parents used to take care of you. You might have lived in the dorms or at home and meals were prepared for you. But now that tiny baby bird has finally flown from the nest. Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Here are some of the ways that payday loans can really help college students as they begin their entry level jobs. There’s no reason it all has to be a struggle all the time!

You can pay for the 1st and last month’s deposit on your 1st apartment or home rental. Coming up with this money as a recent grad in a new job can be tough. Some recent grads need to find a new place, even before their first paycheck has cleared. This truly puts you in a tough spot! But with a payday loan, you won’t have to stay with friends or figure out some type of complicated living arrangement for the first couple of months. It’s a lot easier to move into your own place, right away.

Getting urgent medical or dental care can be done right away. Why there’s nothing like needing medical care ASAP! It can make you feel so adult all at once to have to take care of something like that all on your own. And if you’ve started a new job, you might not have medical coverage yet. But with a payday loan, you can easily pay your medical or dental bill and get the care you need. That also means that you won’t be missing any work, which is so important for an entry level worker. You’ll want to make a great impression on your employer, especially in these early days as they are getting to know you.

Buy a great first impression. Well, let us explain! You could purchase a terrific business suit or outfit for a job interview. Get it dry cleaned or tailored. You can get a haircut, makeup or any other personal grooming. With a payday loan you will have the money to make a terrific first impression if there is a big business meeting or presentation with an important client, especially one that matters a lot to your boss.

Pay a friend back an IOU. Now your college friends matter a lot and we know you’d do anything for them, just as they would for you. If a buddy lent you money but needs it back right now, then getting a payday loan to pay them back could really help them out. It would keep them from facing a struggle alone, which we know you wouldn’t do to a fellow entry level worker. You certainly can’t leave them in a jam.

Buy furniture for your place. This is a very important and sometimes overlooked expense for entry level workers who are recent grads. When you move into your new place, you’re going to have to buy furniture. That’s why you might find yourself needing the money for a sofa, or a bed, or even a really great TV. Now most entry level workers decorate their places bit by bit, not all at once because they can’t afford to do otherwise. But you at least need a bed to sleep on and a couple of other basics to get started. Your payday loan can help you with that.

We know you’ve got to have technology. Your payday loan can buy a laptop computer, especially if yours just broke. This is something that just about every entry level worker today is going to need, in most industries. Technology has become so important. It keeps you connected to the office. You can telecommute. You can work from home. You can create presentations and projects on late nights or early mornings or even on business trips. Having your own technology helps you be a valuable team member. This is one of the best reasons to get a payday loan.

Don’t forget that as an entry level worker and recent grad, there’s one very important reason you may occasionally want a payday loan: to go visit mom, dad and the whole family. Because they love you, miss you and are very proud of you. While you are now the bigger bird who has left the nest, there is no reason you can’t sometimes fly home and let the others know how you are doing. Everyone will admire your success and hard work.

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